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    clear file extension in browser



      I am interested in how can I preview a web page without the file extension. In other words I want my users to acces my page like this: www.mydomain.com/about instead of "about.html"


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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          This is normally done on the server using special rules to rewrite the URL. If your server is Apache, and your hosting company allows you to use .htaccess with mod_rewrite, you can do it yourself, but it requires knowledge of the rather complex mod_rewrite rules.


          Another way to do it is to create a folder for each file, and name the file index.html or default.html, depending on the default name used by your web server. So, a file called index.html in the about folder could be accessed as http://www.example.com/about/. However, that's a very clumsy way of doing it. You end up with a lot of folders, and all your files called index.html, which is very confusing to maintain.