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    Resizing Text Containers Based on Size of Adjacent Image Components

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I have a strange problem related to the size of a text component. Basically in my app I have a hbox 1000 pixels wide containing an image component on the left hand side which isn't scaled and it's content is dynamic meaning that upon clicking of certain objects it changes in size and width etc as a bigger or smaller image is loaded into it. In the same hbox to the right of this I have a text area which is also populated dynamically by differing text in this way.


      The image components width and height is not set and neither is the text areas because as I say I want them to be populated dynamically but I'm going to limit the image's width by setting it's max width to 600 but what I want is as the image resizes to take up a larger portion of the h box, i want the text area to take up the REMAINDER of the hbox whilst having it's text flow onto the next lines below it. At the moment the text just seems to be flowing outside of the hbox box cutting through it to the right so to speak without going to the next line when it reaches the edge of the hbox.


      I haven't got much experience working with dynamic text. Can anyone give me any tips on this or tell me how to solve it? Thanks for any suggestions.