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    conditional printing for images and active/visited images in pdf


      Hello everybody,

      First fo all, I know anything about javascript but I'm ready to learn if necessary...

      I generate pdf file using xsl-fo language and I have two actions which I don't know how to do:

      1- I have icons as link for navigation in my pdf. theys work fine but I wanted to use them in the web pdf and delete them during printing pdf. How can I do?

      2- the icons (images) for navigations are twice: one for active link and another one for visited link.  I can make link using xsl-fo but I can not condition the link using two images (active one and visited one). How can I do?

      So my idea is to do this 2 actions in post-process after the publication of the pdf, by using  javascript. If some one has idea of how can I do to realise this two actions, I need his help

      thanks in advance