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    Adobe Reader 9.3 - Network Distribution - Update Setting Disable??


      Hi folks,


      I am attempting to distribute Adobe Reader v9.3 to around 200 PC's using a 3rd party tool we use in my place of emploment.


      I wish to switch off the update setting within Reader before I distribute this software.


      I have used the Customization Wizard to change some of the features in the msi file including:-


      Online & Acrobat.com Features - Disable All Updates, Disable all Acrobat.com access


      I've also gone through the Direct Editor > File settings and dropped any rows that appear to be related to "updates".


      Despite all this, when I push the software out to a client, when I go Edit > Preferences > Updater within Reader, the setting to "Automatically download updates, but let me choose when to install them" is set!!


      How the *** do I configure the msi file to stop looking online for updates?!


      Many thanks.