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    Colorfinesse bug

    stoffe w

      Hello i have a little question....

      When i apply colorfinesse to a clip and then return to the timeline i get thin black stripes on the left side of the composition and sometimes a thin flickering field on the left side... This is not noticible on broadcast because its to thin  but when i want to use the project on for example the web it is very visable and enoying.


      Sometimes when i start in a 8 bpc composition its not there and when i switch to 16 or 32 it pops up again and other times its there in 8 bpc to.


      I dont know why this is and i hope you have a great soloution for me



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          Bob Currier Level 3

          Make sure you're using the latest version of Color Finesse, 2.1.11. Earlier versions had an alpha channel bug which could result in black lines or halos at the edge of mattes. That sounds like what you're seeing, as the size of the line was affected by the project bit depth.


          You can download the latest Color Finesse installer from the Synthetic Aperture web site and install it with your current Color Finesse 2 serial number. If you're using the version of Color Finesse which came bundled with After Effects CS3/CS4 be sure to download the "LE" version of the Color Finesse installer, as that's the only version which will accept your serial number.


          If updating to 2.1.11 doesn't resolve the problem, please send a sample project showing the problem to Synthetic Aperture Tech Support via support "at" synthetic-ap "dot" com.

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            stoffe w Level 1

            Thanks alot!

            I tried to upgrade to the latest le software but it did not work.

            The installer worked but the program i still the same version but i will trie one more time.

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              Bob Currier Level 3

              If you're on a Mac, when you run the update installer you'll need to point it to the correct plug-in folder. Since you might have multiple versions of AE installed, or have it installed in a custom location, the CF installer doesn't know for sure where to put the new version. You'll also need to manually remove the bundled version of Color Finesse. You'll find it in the Plug-ins/Effects folder. Just drag the entire Synthetic Aperture folder to the trash.


              On Windows our LE installer uses the Registry to locate the active plug-in folder and to overlay any existing CF plug-in.