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    If Flash is not good For SEO?


      Please read it:




      There is an interesting discussion going on that whether Flash should be used for Commercial Websites or not?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The arguments are old and worn out.  Based on the fairly recent date of the article that started it, the person who wrote it has been blind to developments and does not understand Flash design capabilities very well at all.  Some people just have a blind bias against Flash.


          If you want to learn about SEO and Flash, here's some links...


          Flash SEO




          and the O'Reilly book: Search Engine Optimization for Flash by Todd Perkins, ISBN: 978-0-596-52252-0

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            WisdomTalks Level 1

            Hi Ned


            Here are Tips being given on SEO Book.com


            • Create descriptive useful page titles and meta descriptions.


            • Embed the flash into HTML pages and use regular text links on the page if possible.
            • If it does not screw up the design too bad add HTML text to the page.
            • Create textual representations of what is in the flash using noembed tags.
            • Instead of including everything in one flash file it may make sense to break the content into different flash files so you can create different HTML pages around the different ideas contained in it.
            • Macromedia has a search engine SDK, although I think most sites are still best off using texual representations of the flash files on the HTML content of pages
            And all of them shows one point. We need to use HTML based pages for SEO.
            Above Question for the sites which are 100% developed in Flash. Almost everybody is using some Flash parts in their sites to make it attractive and interactive.
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              As for flash content, which cannot be rendered-due to iphone as a good example-

              recommend a good flash player detection script with at least an image under the flash layer



              so if flash player= play all

              if no flash player= show static image



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