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    Event.OPEN and ProgressEvent fired when FileReference upload is finished

    eprevot Level 1


      I want to track the progress of a FileReference upload with a progressbar, but events are not fired the way they should.


      When the file.upload() method is called, my screen is frozen some seconds (the time to upload), then I receive all events in the same time : Event.OPEN, only one ProgressEvent.PROGRESS with a bytesLoaded = bytesTotal, and Event.COMPLETE.


      Something I don't understand is I share the same code with colleagues, and they have the right behaviour : the OPEN event at starting, then several ProgressEvent with bytesLoaded increasing, and finally the COMPLETE event.


      I use FlashPlayer , the debugger version for Linux.


      Have you ever seen this ? Do you have an idea of why I got this ?