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    making still images 'move'


      There is a video editing effect I see in use that takes a still image within a timeline and adds the perception of motion. May only move a few pixels over a designated period of time but brings the image to life. Is the effect available in any version of elements - right now I'm using Vista with elements 3. Thanks!

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          Unfortunately, you have posted to the Tips & Tricks sub-forum. This is a repository for articles on how to do things. Maybe our MOD, Steve Grisetti, can move this out to the main forum, where you will get much more traffic.


          Now, if I understand, what you wish to do is animate your still images. That is easily done with the Pan & Zoom of the stills. There are some Presets in PrE, but I use Keyframes to animate the fixed Effect>Motion>Position and Motion>Scale for this. It is often called the Ken Burns Effect.


          Also, make sure that your still images are sized appropriately in, say PS/PSE. This ARTICLE will give you some tips.


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            Here is a look at Motion>Position Keyframes used to animate a Title. Hope that this helps:



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