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    I want to save others themes

      I was wondering why I can't save what others have done into a separate section so that I can view them later or come back to them for reference. The way it has to be done now, is I have to edit the theme by changing on of the colors and then save it as my own! But I don't want to create the theme again and have it show up in the search, I just want an area where I can view all my saved themes that others have created easily and without having to search and find them again.

      Is this the place to rant about this and get it added or do i need to go somewhere else?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hello, you are indeed in the right place for rants (and raves). :-)
          We are always interested in ways to improve kuler. About saving other people's themes in the current functionality:

          The easiest is drop a theme you like into your favorites tray (black area along the bottom). We have a tool tip there now since it's not very discoverable. You can save up to 7 themes.

          There are two other workarounds: One: as you do now, edit another person's theme and save it (though it should just appear in your Mykuler if you Save it so I'm not sure why you are searching for it again unless you have a lot of themes). Two: you can download the themes as .ASE files, esp if you are going to use them. If you have Bridge CS3, you can preview the swatches through Bridge.

          Thanks for the post!