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    Clipping Path Problem in CS4


      First let me say that I'm am still new to this program and this was so much easier to do in Freehand.


      When you use clipping mask in Illustrator to insert a JPEG into a shape it looks good until you see it on your desktop or open it in Photoshop, the border of the original size of the JPEG still shows up as white area, so I have to take the time open these clipped images in Photoshop just to crop out all that extra white area. I hope this is an easy fix or some simply step I'm missing?

      I asked an old friend who uses Illustrator all the time and he said that's the way it has always been, clip a photo in Illustrator then open it up in

      Photoshop to fix the clipping problem.


      I have attached JPEG to help explain what I need and what's happening to the photos.


      If anyone could help it would save me a TON of work.

      Thank You,


      clipping problem.jpg

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You may do the otherwise dirty destructive deed in Illy:


          With the Clipping Mask selected:


          1) In the Transparency palette/panel dropdown select anything but Normal (Multiply is fine);

          2) Object>Flatten Transparency (just leave it at 100% vector and other defaults).


          This will rid you of the parts outside the Bounding Box of the path that shapes the Clipping Mask: a rectangle, even in case of other shapes such as ellipses, which does not hurt in your case.


          If you do it to (especially stroked) vector artwork, it may hurt.


          Obviously, the serious issue is with JPEG, not with PNG/GIF when transparency is applied; but it may be inconvenient in any case, having outlying parts selectable.

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            indyrebel-nz3RTv Level 1


            You just saved me a ton of time!!!!!!!!!!!!

            All these years I've just dealt with the problem, WOW!!!!!!!!!!


            Thank you soooo much Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            I need to remember to keep you guys in mind next time for these type of question!


            Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You are welcome, indyrebel.


              I hope you will not run out of exclamation marks.