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    Problems with DragManager

    Yann Martel
      Hello everybody,
      I've got two problems with the DragManager:

      - while dragging something, all the MouseEvents behave strangely: they're not fired all the time. For exemple a listener on MOUSE_MOVE is called continuously when I'm not dragging anything, but only a few (random) times when I do.

      - I can't change the DragManager feedBack, showFeedback () doesn't seem to work properly.
      I drag something from a TileList with dragEnabled="true" into the following component:
      <mx:HorizontalList dropEnabled="true" dragEnter="DragManager.showFeedBack(DragManager.NONE)"/>
      I expected the green "+" on the dragProxy to disappear when the dragEnter occurs, but it doesn't. Am I doing something wrong ?

      Are these problems due to bugs or have I missed something ?

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          I'm having the same issue currently. The showFeedback() only seems to work if the object is being dragged to a different entity, i.e. from a tree to a list. If it's going to the same entity the feedback doesn't show up on the mouse cursor, even though getFeedback() seems to return the correct value. I'm thinking this is a bug...