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    How to extract PDF files from portfolio?

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      help needed.


      I´d like to ask, how to extract PDFs from portfolio. I have to create portfolio, bcs i am creating PDFs with XFA data.

      In first step i made PDF portfolio from PDF files, then user should fill it up. And then i need get PDF files, because i need extract data from them. For creation portfolio i use DDX :

      <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">
        <PDF result="Acrobat 9 Portfolio">
            <Navigator source="AdobeRevolve.nav"/>
              <Field name="Character" type="Filename"/>
              <Field name="Location" type="Text"/>
            <PDF source="Swami.pdf"/>
            <PDF source="Sherlock.pdf"/>
            <FieldData name="Location">London</FieldData>


      I know extract data from one PDF document, but i need to get PDFs from portfolio. Can you HELP? Thanks.....

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          I am not sure if this will help. However, I can export data from a portfolio to excel by doing the following:


          I extract all the pages from the portfolio into single PDFs

          I open the first PDF

          Click on Tools

          Under Forms, I select More From Options

          I select Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet

          The pop-up box allows you to add all of the additional files that you made from the portfolio

          Click on them then click Export

          It will ask for a file name and place to save it.