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    Amchor Tags won't work!

      I have created a Frequently Asked Questions section of my website, with anchor tags attached to question so it goes down to that section on the page. When I was building it and before it was uploaded to ftp site, the anchor tags worked just fine. The only glitch at the time is that if a person scrolled back up to top of page, my Flash built nav/menu bar was gone.

      Now that I have uploaded it and the site has gone live, the anchor tags won't work. It pops up a The Page Could Not Be Found. Help! Not sure what went wrong! In the Link field in Dreamweaver, I have the url/#name of anchor. I previewed in Firefox and Explorer and it's doing the same thing with both browsers.

      Here's a link to the section: http://www.larrivee.com/6_customerService/faq.html

      Any help or input would be appreciated. This is the company I work for so it's embarrassing to have these broken links. Thanks!