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    Mapping array data to a datagridcolumn



           I am trying to map the data present in the array to two datagridcolumns in a datagrid.I am calling a servlet to create a query and then form the xml file. The xml is sent to loadevent method in an actionscript file  (dataholder.as) and the datagrid is present in the mxml file  (calendar.mxml). Now I need to map two arrays (arrDueDate and arrNotes present in the dataholder.as)  to two datagridcolumns (DataField = "Notes" and DataField =  "DueDate") present in the Calendar.mxml file.  Can anyone please tell me how this can be done? I am new in using flex. I  know only a little bit about actionscript and the data handling in flex.


      Thanks in advance..