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    Screen sizing

    Alex Hammerstein

      Hi,  I need a bit of basic information.   I am creating a captivate demonstration of a new web appli.  I created the demo using 1014 x 713, but in testing it on a number of laptops, the bottom of the demo is not visable without scrolling, which means the users do not see the Adobe captivate Viewer controls.


      is it possible to move these to the top, or can anyone tell me the best course of action I shsould take.


      If I go to 800 x 600, its too small.  i tried a custom size but the result was quite fuzzy.    I also fremoved all of the toolbars on the browser that I was using to capture by demonstraton from, but this has not quite worked in that the controls are still being cut off


      many thanks for any advice