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    uploading file for YouTube Question


      HI All



      I have created a video using Adobe Premiere 3.0 that I want to upload onto YouTube.


      1. On the first attempt I created a MPEG2 file, but through the process of the YouTube upload I chose the file with the Adobe Project symbol in my computer. That upload took about 2 hours for a 6 min video and was blurry. So I ended up deleting it.


      2. On the second attempt, I reformatted the original video to an MPEG HDV 1080i 25 TV Standard is PAL to try to get a higher quality video. When I chose the file for the YouTube upload the file format was m2t and/or MPEG TS file. This was estimated to take 8 hours!! to upload and failed after several hours.   Why did it fail?


      Also this video file is stored in an external hard drive in case that makes any difference.


      3. When uploading from YouTube which file do I choose, as there are several types..."project, log, mpeg, m2t" ?


      Thanks for your help.


      You can see the other videos I have uploaded at whoismyfarmer channel.