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    CFINUT type text with Autosuggest not working

    icarus013 Level 1

      have a 2007 ms access database with two tables: tLocation01 and tLocation02. tLocation01 has 1134 records and tLocation02 has 1194 records. The tables have the same exact structure: LNAME, FNAME, and FULLNAME.


      Now I have a CF form with two fields:


      Location 1 Name: text field with autosuggest turned on

      Location 2 Name: text field with autosuggest turned on


      A data entry person will enter the full name of the person from either Location 1 or Location 2. With autosuggest on, the data entry person only enters a few character before the full name is displayed. The code for autosuggest field is exactly the same except for the recordset name: rsLocation01 and rsLocation02.


      autosuggest="#ValueList(rsLocation01.FULLNAME#" for field 1

      autosuggest="#ValueList(rsLocation02.FULLNAME#" for field 2


      Field 1 autosuggest works and bu not Field 2. However, if I view the View Source option in IE and Firefox, I see all the names in Location1 and 2.


      Anyone have an idea what is going on? Is there a autosuggest limit?