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    Radio buttons and tables

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      I have a set of three radio buttons that I want to place on top of three table columns in a row.  When I try to do this they "snap" into only one cell which throws the whole table out of whack.  Thsi is a mutually exclusive set of radio buttons that I would like to drag around and place without snapping into a cell.  An overlay if you will.  I have turned of the snap feature with no progress.  I have also sent the Table to the "back" of the form and brought the radio group to the "front" but they still snap into a cell.


      What am I missing?

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          One more thing.


          I can place the radio buttons on the grid and then drag a table on top of them and they don't snap into the table but do the opposite and they snap every time.  This wouldn't be a problem but I have numerous radio buttons to place within table in multiple forms.


          I have to be overlooking a ver simple solution here...