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    Chi-Square Formula

      I have a project that requires the use of the chi-square formula. In this project I will be pulling data from a dataset into a report. I need a way to compute the chi-square formula based on the data in our dataset using ColdFusion.

      Microsoft Excel already has a function that computes the chi-square results. The formula can be found under the “Insert” menu, select “Function”, select “Statistical” from the drop-down menu, and then select the “CHITEST” function. (You can click on the “Help on this function” link for more information on the formula and sample data).

      Use the example provided by Excel to reproduce this work using ColdFusion.

      Additional Details: http://www.applynetworks.com/chi.cfm

      Again, I need to produce these same results using ColdFusion. If my explanation is too vague, let me know and I will answer any questions.

      At this point, I'm willing to pay someone to help with this!