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    find command in applescript changes text to odd characters


      I’d like to use Applescript to find some text in a few Adobe Acrobat files opened in Acrobat 9 and tell me what page that text is on. I tried the following simple code but it didn’t work. If I type the name "Selina" into the find slot in the acrobat program it finds the text, but if I use the following simple applescript, a window comes up which seems to say i'm looking for some odd style text characters. I'm putting a screen shot of the window below the text.

      tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro"
          tell document 1
              set FindMark to "Selina"
              --find text string                
              set testvalue to find text string FindMark       
          end tell
      end tell



      Also, can I close this window applescript after I get the information. If anyone knows how to find the text by typesize, that would help too. I did find the text by putting in a line of Javascript, but I’d like to know how to do this just using Applescript.