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    Animation duplicate frame layers are empty?

    salochin48 Level 1

      Mac 10.4.11 - PhotoShop CS4. I want to make a small 10 frame animation.


      I feel I ought to get this problem sorted rather than keep going back to ImageReady in my previous CS suite. In PS CS4 I use the Animation Frames window to establish my first frame image (a ball image). I make sure the layer is not a background and call it Layer or Frame 1 to match the Frame 1 image on the Animation Frames window.


      I have it set for 'Create new layer for each new frame' and when I make a duplicate using the icon I duly get a duplicate frame of the ball image. I also get a new layer/frame 2 but it is empty, so I am unable to make adjustments to this frame, which makes trying to make an animation impossible.


      In ImageReady I am able to drag and drop editable layers as I choose, CS4 does not allow me to do this - what am I doing wrong?