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    how to use cfmail without specifying username and password??


      Hi pp,


      i have been trying to use the cfmail functionality to send and receive e-mails connecting to the smtp server of <MyUniversity>


      i am creating a page where, at the end a e-mail has to be sent from <someone@univ.edu> to <user@univ.edu>


      i am connecting with the univ server from the cf server to test whether the e-mails are delivered.


      the e-mails are sent only if i mention the <Username> and <Password> fields belonging to the <someone@univ.edu>


      for my test case i used my own id and the if i set the username and pwd, the e mails are sent, otherwise the emails are not getting delivered.


      can someone suggest why this is happening and i have to make sure that at the end of launching the site, i dont have to get the username and password, because i will not be given access to it as a developer.


      Please suggest me wat to do.

      i am using the simple cfmail function.




                  subject="testing testing">

                         <testing the mail functionalities>