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    Issue with rename .CHM file

    Amarelv Level 1

      I'm using RobHelp 7.0.  I'd like the .CHM output by RoboHelp HTML to have a different name.  How can this be done?  I know that .CHM filename is based on the the project filename. (.XPJ)


      What I've done:


      1. Open the Project

      2. Select File > Rename Project

      3. Project Name, I typed in the new project name


      Then I did:

      1. Select the Single Source Layouts Pod

      2. Right-click the Microsoft HTML Help.  Select Properties

      3. Select Output Folder and Filename, I typed the new name for the .chm file)


      When I compiled the file, I still see the old .chm filename.  I checked the !SSL! folder and the new file name is there.   What did I do wrong?