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    Web video locked up

    rlafoto1 Level 1

      Hi All

      I have a slide show (2 slides) composed in After Effects with sound added in Premiere Pro.  I produced a Flash F4V and FLV file in Encore (all in CS4) using 1280x720 Widescreen High Quality and tried out both by uploading via Dreamweaver to my website.  They both worked great on my computer.  However, when the website was opened on my friend’s computer the video essentially locked up.

      Is there an Encore preset that most of you use that will work on most computers?  For now, I am only interested in posting to the Web.

      Since this is a very short slide show (20sec) and I did not import any video does it matter that I composed the video using the AE/Pre Pro preset of HDV 1080 29.97. 

      I am probably thinking too much like a photographer and trying to squeeze out every ounce of resolution…



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          rico1931 Level 1

          How big is the file? I had this problem the other day go into your IIS setting and change the time-out properties and Request Queue time-out to be longer.. Now if you use a host this may be a little bit more trouble.. I would recommend scaling down the file size so it loads quicker..

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            rlafoto1 Level 1


            My file size is 6.7 MB. 

            From the experiment below, I can drop my file size by using FLV instead of FL4.  I can also drop the file size by half going from 1280 to 960.  Do these numbers look reasonable for a 20 sec video?

            1280 x 720 HQ FLV (6,675 KB)

            1280 x 720 MQ FL4 (6,707 KB)

            1280 x 720 MQ FLV (4,471 KB)

            960 x 540 HQ FL4 (4,537 KB)

            960 x 540 HQ FLV (3,215 KB)

            960 x 540 MQ (2,617 KB)

            640 x 480 Std HQ FLV (2,766 KB)



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              rico1931 Level 1

              Yes they look ok.. I've had a hard time playing FL4 files off my webserver for some reason but fine with FLV files.. not sure why and i'm running IIS 7.. when encoding there is an option when you go to File>Export and there is a list of diff formats for the web.. they actually say web on it .. they should help and you should be on your way!

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