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    Graphics Not Displaying

    CLehan Level 1

      Good morning/afternoon,


      This question could be duplicated under Print Documentation as well since I'm having the same issue with creating Print Documentation (in both Word and PDF formats) as I am with WebHelp. But the WebHelp issue is a little more critical. (**ADD - I've found a workaround I'll detail it at the bottom)


      The history:


      I was keeping my RoboHelp on my local computer and writing topics, creating print docs and webhelp files easily. The we decided that the RoboHelp project should be stored on a server. This way it is automatically backed up weekly and I can dial in from home and access it so I could work from home if I wanted to. Great idea!

      The project was moved to the server and ultimately the original project folder has been deleted. (computer rebuild...virus....I've had it all in the past few months.)


      The next time I went to compile a WebHelp, half the graphics were missing. When I looked in the main folder, there were a whole bunch of file folders with the same names as some (not all) of my topics. Inside these folders are graphics and all the graphics names are img001, img002, etc. When I uploaded them originally, they were called what they were, i.e., editlinkbutton, submitbutton, etc.  




      The original .gifs were still in the main folder so I was able to copy them and put them in the WebHelp file and it fixed it. Not a perfect solution, but it worked.


      Now this week, after updating the project, I had to create new Print Doc copies and compile a new WebHelp. The graphics still aren't working for the WebHelp, but what's new is they aren't carrying over onto the Print Doc copies either now. I tried doing a FlashHelp as well, just in case and it doesn't work there either.


      At first I thought I'd have to go in and re-link/upload every single missing graphic. But I tested it first. I re-linked two graphics on two different topics. One from one of the folders where it has been renamed img002 and one from the main folder where it has the original name. I only did one graphic on each topic and left the other ones alone. I recompiled and now all graphics on each topic are displaying. So I just have to go through each topic in my project and relink one graphic. Note also that it looks like the Print Doc is working again as well.


      So two questions I guess. What the heck?? How did my graphics get moved and renamed to begin with? and second, any ideas why relinking one graphic fixes a whole page of graphics?


      Thanks in advance!