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    Whu doesn't Outlook open?


      Hi everyone,


      Be advised that I am a newbiew at this so I apologize up front. The person responsible for Adobe forms in our office has left and this has fallen into my lap to resolve. Spent most of the day trying to learn Livecycle as I didn't even know it existed!


      We have a PDF form that automatically gets emailed when the user clicks the SEND button without Outlook ever opening. This user wants Outlook to open so she can cc. other people. Is that possible?


      When I looked at the form there are two buttons - one visible and one invisible.
      (1) the visible SEND button has the following code:

      topmostSubform.Page1.Send::click - (JavaScript, client)


      (2) a second hidden field which has alot of code (too much to show here) whch I guess actually sends the e-mail and the PDF as an attachment.


      How do I get Outlook to open so the user can cc other staff? I thought of hard coding it but the recipients will change daily? Would someone please point me in the right direction?


      Thanks in advance!!!


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          If you don't want to bother in understang and changing the old codes, Add another button to the form.

          1. Select Button from the Standard Pallete.

          2. From the Layout Pallete Select the Object Tab.

          3. Select Submit

          4. The second you select Submit a Submit Tab is Displayed.

          5 Click on the Submit tab

          6. Type mailto:name@example.com  in the Submit to URL box

          7. From the Submit AS drop down box select PDF.


          That's it, Now when the user clicks on this button a message allowing him to select the mail application he wants to use.


          Hope this helps.