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    Make Video Pause When Clicked?


      Hi, I have a flash video that is set to autoplay when the page loads. We've just implemented thickbox/lightbox system on it now so when you click on the video it enlarges into that new frame. Problem is, when that's done the video/audio is still playing while the video in the thichbox is playing too. This leading to ineffective listening. Does anyone know a code that would trigger the video to pause when clicked anywhere on the video screen?

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          I understand your problem better remove the light box option and play it because its all some plug-in problems...

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            Amitpalsd Level 1

            You can pause the video, could you please let me know how you embed and play video in flash. FLVPlay back or what? only then I can let you know how can you pause video.



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              seansks Level 1

              Amitpal - Thanks for offering to help!


              Right now the videos being tested at this link - http://edlevinjewelry.com/indexTEST.html

              I don't currently have the video linked up to lightbox, just a link above the video to expand.


              With FLVPlayback,this is my current code (it's currently coded and set up so the video autoplay starts at 52 seconds)...



              import fl.video.MetadataEvent;
              import fl.video.VideoProgressEvent;


              import fl.video.*;


              my_FLVPlybk.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, rewind);
              function rewind(eventObject:VideoEvent):void {




              var fp:FLVPlayback = my_FLVPlybk;
              fp.addEventListener(VideoProgressEvent.PROGRESS, videoProgressHandler, false, 0, true);
              fp.addEventListener(MetadataEvent.METADATA_RECEIVED, metaDataHandler, false, 0, true);
              fp.autoPlay = false;


              var startSeekTime:Number = 52;
              var videoDuration:Number;
              var videoSeeked:Boolean = false;


              function metaDataHandler(event:MetadataEvent):void {
                   if(event.info.duration != null){
                        videoDuration =event.info.duration;


              function videoProgressHandler(event:VideoProgressEvent):void {
                   var fp:FLVPlayback = event.currentTarget as FLVPlayback;
                   var bytesLoaded:Number = event.bytesLoaded;
                   var bytesTotal:Number = event.bytesTotal;
                   if( !isNaN(videoDuration)){


                        if( (bytesLoaded/bytesTotal) >= ( (startSeekTime+4)/videoDuration) && !videoSeeked ){


                             videoSeeked = true;



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                seansks Level 1

                Any input would be beyond appreciated. Still having no luck with this.

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                  Amitpalsd Level 1

                  You can add one more layer above you FLVPlayback and create a transparent button/clip. And then add click listener on that.


                  suppose transparent clip is named as "btnClip" and player is named "fp"


                  btnClip.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onBtnClick)


                  function onBtnClick(_event:MouseEvent):void {




                  I believe this will help you out.