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    Webpage without ".html" ending

    jr4292 Level 1

      I notice some websites have page names without the ".html" suffix. For example: "www.example.com/examples" rather than "www.example.com/examples.html." How can I create page names from dreamweaver without the .html ending?

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          JoeDaSilva Level 4

          The simple solution is to create a folder instead of a page with the name you like, ie: www.example.com/myfoldername/. Then put an index.html file inside of that folder. Your web server will then automatically call that file when you browse to that folder, much the same way it does with the index.html file in your root (your homepage).

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            mgw4jc Level 1

            In that example (ha!), "examples" would imply a sub directory that then has either default.html or index.html inside it.


            However, you can also use "URL rewriting" to handle this. This is something done at the web server level (either within IIS or Apache or whatever).


            You may see things like www.whatever.com/category/1/product/14/


            The URL rewriting here would translate that to something like www.whatever.com/showProduct.html?category=1&product=14


            This would be for a dynamic site that uses PHP or ColdFusion.