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    Firefox "Preview In Browser" Issue


      Hi all,


      I updated my version of Firefox to version 3.6 today on my Mac.  The problem I'm now having is that when I try to preview HTML pages I'm building with Dreamweaver in Firefox, nothing happens.  Well, that's not true.  My Mac pulls up my open Firefox window (or when it's closed opens a new one with my home page), but the page in Dreamweaver that I'm attempting to preview does not appear. It's as if it calls the program, but not the path to the page.


      A few details:


      1.)  When I preview in Safari, it works exactly as it should.

      2.)  I deleted Firefox as an option in my "Preview In Browser" tab, and then pointed to it again and the problem persists.

      3.)  I deleted and then reinstalled Firefox 3.6, deleted the option in "Preview In Browser" then pointed to it again, and the problem persists.

      4.)  When I find the local path to it in my browser history (file:///Users/myusername/Documents/...), Firefox will pull up the page without issue.


      Not a major issue as I can work around it, but when something on your computer isn't working the way it should it's annoying.  At least to me it is.


      Thanks for any thoughts.


      --My Eyes Don't Really Hurt That Bad

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          T3DV0L70L1N4 Level 1

          Yes, this has been a very frustrating problem for me.  Mozilla said that 3.6.2 would fix the issue, but the same problem still exists.  So far, the only solution is to continue using 3.5.8, or switch to a different browser.


          Mozilla has also said that there is a 3rd party patch for Dreamweaver that will fix this.  Follow this link to read the thread:



          The problem with that is that it costs $5, and I don't know about any of you, but I'm not going to pay to fix a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.  Adobe needs to buy this patch from that developer and release their own patch for Dreamweaver.  Or maybe muscle Mozilla into modifying FireFox.

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            Four months later and this problem is affecting me, too, exactly as described above.  Firefox 3.6.6, OX 10.6.4, Dreaweaver CS5.  Very frustrating.

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              I have no answers for you.  My iMac is on a LAN with my testing server, and I'm running FF 3.6.6.  When I preview a file, in FF, it works just fine.  I see the address of the testing server in the FF address field just the way I would expect to.  I have defined a new site without a testing server, and that works fine in FF too.


              Tell me this - in PREFERENCES > Preview in browser, are you set to use a temp file on preview?

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                GlazerGallery Level 1

                On 7/9/10 12:57 PM, "Murray *ACP*" <forums@adobe.com> wrote:


                > Tell me this - in PREFERENCES > Preview in browser, are you set to use a temp
                > file on preview?


                Thanks for the suggestion.  I had not had that option checked, so I tried it.  First it had no effect on either the XHTML file or the HTML file.  Firefox still did not open.  Then I quit and restarted Dreamweaver and Firefox and cleared the Firefox cache.  Now Preview Browser with Firefox does open both the HTML and the XHTML file, BUT there's a problem: the HTML file looks fine, but the XHTML file (which has Spry coding on it) only shows the HTML parts correctly, and fails to load the XML data for the Spry parts.  Since my Spry pages always need tweaking before they're ready for prime time, this is not helpful.


                I am using a web hosting company, not a LAN.  But once upon a time, when I had Dreamweaver 8 and OS 10.4, my Spry pages DID preview in Firefox on that server just fine.  (When I got a new Mac that came with OS 10.6, the preview browser function didn't work anymore; that's one of the reasons why I decided the time had come to upgrade to CS5.)  Yes, Safari is working with CS5, but Firefox has over 46% of browser users right now to Safari's roughly 3.5%.


                I'm hoping some of the details I've provided suggest some other possibilities to you.


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                  GlazerGallery Level 1

                  Get this: now that I've disabled Check In/Check Out, when I upload a file I get a dialog box that tells me that "Helen is currently working on [name of file]" and that may overwrite changes to it, so it suggests that I enable Check In/Check Out and then asks me to check a box saying if I want to upload the file anyway.  It dismisses automatically after 30 seconds, but that's worse than the problem disabling Check In/Check Out was meant to correct.  Ay yi yi...


                  Taking deep breaths,


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                    MurraySummers Level 8

                    Helen - if you are the only one working on the site, CI/CO offers no (make that NO) benefit to you, and will in fact, slow you down.  Dump it.


                    Previewing with temp files should not change anything about the way your page displays, with this exception -


                    * If you have root relative links to dependent files, you will actually see them in the preview (you won't if you don't have temp files enabled)


                    With regard to your Spry comment - is this data being pulled from a database?  You sure your Testing server is defined properly?


                    (Finally - XHTML vs HTML would make no difference at all)

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                      GlazerGallery Level 1



                      First of all, thanks for hanging in there and continuing to offer suggestions.  I will try working without check in/check out for the time being. With regard to the questions you ask:


                      The data is being pulled from an XML document that is in the same folder as the XHTML page.  I have document-relative links to dependent files including the XML document.  At least I think that's the proper terminology.  For example, to get the list of items in inventory to display on the page it is defined as:


                      var dsInventory = new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("inventory.xml","inventory/inv_item");


                      where inventory.xml is the XML document.


                      I haven't defined the testing server.  It's set at "None."



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                        MurraySummers Level 8

                        Not sure where we go from here.  What is your current status?

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                          GlazerGallery Level 1

                          Hi Murray,


                          Well, I looked around on the Adobe Dreamweaver forum and saw that I was definitely not the only one having this issue with Firefox, and that it also affects people using CS3 and CS4.  Some people suggested uninstalling Firefox 3.6 and going back to version 3.5.8 but that didn't affect my situation, possibly having something to do with my using CS5.  I followed the link on one Adobe Dreamweaver forum post to Bugzilla, Firefox's bug reporting site and filed a bug report.  Several hours later it was ruled a "duplicate" of another bug and that the issue was "resolved."  I looked at that particular bug report and there I found a long conversation that's been going on since early March among developers and users.  One of the developers stated in late June that the issue would be resolved with version 3.6.6 "which will come out in July."  3.6.6 did come out recently, but that's what I'm running.  I posted a comment saying that the problem is not resolved and that I have the latest versions of Dreamweaver, Mac OS and Firefox.  Below my comment another frustrated user wrote, "why don't you guys just admit your not going to fix this issue?"  Though it really doesn't sound to me that the FF developers want to alienate the web design community -- they probably have more to lose by not getting this fixed than Adobe does.  But saying that this is resolved is a little like Bush saying "Mission Accomplished" ;-)


                          This seems to be one of those issues I've encountered before, where there is an incompatibility between two major products and the users are caught in the middle being bounced back and forth between two companies who decline responsibility and are not working together.  Wouldn't it be nice if Adobe was trying to work with the Firefox developers?  It doesn't sound as if they are.  And the Dreamweaver phone techs in India should be made aware of the issue.  If you have the ear of any of the higher level people at Adobe, I hope you pass along my disappointment about those aspects to them.  I spoke to phone 3 techs in the past few days about the assorted issues I'm having with this new version of Dreamweaver (there are three big problems and this is one of them) and two of them were distinctly unimpressive in their problem-solving abilities and one was extremely difficult to understand (he had the weird cadence and pronunciation of someone who has spent more time learning to read English than speak it).  The only one who inspired any confidence was a level 2 tech in the installation department after the guy with the sketchy English bumped me up to him at my request.  I've been using Adobe products for almost 15 years and this is by far the worst phone tech support I've ever encountered.  At least it's free as part of my first 90 days -- if I had to pay anything for that I'd be irate.


                          If reading the bug report on this issue interests you, it can be found here.  Better yet, if you have any contacts in the higher levels of Adobe and can get one of their developers to look up this link and get involved in helping the Firefox people fix this, there will be hundreds of grateful Dreamweaver users:





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                            Yep, I've been having the same problem with CS3 and now CS5. For the ammount of money that Adobe makes the design community shell out every 18 months to stay current, you would think they would be more proactive in fixing this problem. This is some of the most basic functionality of a HTML editor and it doesn't work correctly, unconsionable really.

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                              Add me to the list of people witht this problem. I normally do not update software that has been working well because it often causes something not to work. Unfortunately I recently gave in to the FF prompt to update and now the Dreamweaver preview does not work. I'm still using Dreamweaver 8 so I guess there will not be any DW updates for me : (


                              My workaround has been to use FF file/open and then refresh after changes to the page in Deramweaver.


                              I would like to upgrade my Adobe suite but I still have a pre-Intel machine so I'm sol . I'm an "emerging" photographer and the way things are it'll be a long time before I can afford to upgrade everything.....


                              Good luck y'allll