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    Presenter "Slide Properties"

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      I'd like to NOT have slides automatically advance. This seems like a
      reasonable option, but the way I configure it in Presenter is a little

      Presenter > Slide Properties >
      Select all slides, EDIT, check the "Advance by User" box.

      Is there a way to make this the default?


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          By the way...

          Presenter > Presentation Settings > Pause After Each Animation

          Only prevents progressing to the next slide if the current slide has an


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            asm0d Level 1
            >> Is there a way to make this the default?

            Nope. :) You could write a quick script to modify the underlying XML files, but why bother when it only takes a few seconds to modify them by hand with the Presenter interface?

            However... you could make up a blank presentation with 20 - 30 slides to serve as a template. If you set the Presenter options for your template, then use a copy of it for all subsequent training, it will retain all the "default" settings you've made. The same thing goes for using the "duplicate slide" command in PowerPoint; if you duplicate a slide with "pause after animation" set, the duplicate has the same setting.