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    Webservice data via actionscript proxie - setting a value from returned data


      I'm running into a problem when I try to assign a value to a variable from a webservice dataset.  The webservice is being called via actionScript proxies generated from the "Import Web Sevice" functions


      Here's what I have code-wise:


          public function getDataList(event:DataListResultEvent):void{
                  var res:ReturnResult = event.result.DataListResult;
                  comboBox.dataProvider = event.result.DataList as ArrayCollection;

                  comboBox.selectedIndex = 0;


      The webservice returns the data fine, and populates the controls from the dataProvider property with an issue.  But the "selectedIndex" value fails, because it tries to assign it before the control is fully populated.


      So far I haven't seen a way of adding a "load Complete" event or anything similar that would allow me to set that value \ index after the webservice is finished.


      Any suggestions?