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    Starting PE8

    kentRda Level 1

      Hi, The other day, I disabled the Auto-analyzer in the PE8 Organizer.  Since then, I have found that when I start PE8, the Welcome screen appears, but the Open New Project, and Open Existing Project buttons are shaded out so that they can not be selected. Additionally, it forces me to take the tour, or see What's New, before I can do anything.   Once I've taken the tour, or have seen What's New, it takes me directly into Organizer, rather than opening up PE8.   I have completely uninstalled PE8, including all User Preferences, and have scoured my computer to make sure that every file and folder left behind from PE8 is removed before I reinstall PE8.   Unfortunately, when I reinstall PE8, I get the same old thing and must take the Tour,or See What's New, before it takes me directly into Organizer.  Help!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know what would cause that, Kent.


          You certainly aren't required to take a tour of the program. (In fact, if you click on the arrow buttons in the upper right, you can select a different splash screen.)


          Have you registered and activated the program? You may also want to start and log in to your Photoshop.com account. (It uses the same Adobe ID as your registration and this forum.)


          I assume you're giving the program plenty of time to launch. It takes much longer the first time -- but it shouldn't take more than five minutes or so.


          Have you installed the 8.01 update? Even if you can't get into Premiere Elements, you can launch the Adobe Updater from Photoshop Elements or virtually any other Adobe program and it will update Premiere Elements also.


          But if nothing seems to work, it's definitely time to contact Adobe support.


          I know we've been working with you for some time, trying to get this program to work. But you should not be having this much trouble -- assuming your operating system and Quicktime and updated and assuming you've got plenty of power and a defragmented hard drive.

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            I just had the same problem. Here is what I did. I opened both organizer and editor and while both icons were in the taskbar I pinned them to the taskbar. the ads and tour seem to be gone. I hope this helps