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    Using HTML in Dynamic Text Fields - CS4

    Andrew McCandless

      Hi there,


      Is there a way to type HTML directly into a TextField in Flash CS4?  I've created a TextField on the stage, set it to dynamic, set "Render text as HTML" and thought that I could then type HTML directly into the TextField and that it would be rendered as such.  Instead it displays whatever HTML I type as regular text.


      I assume then that the only way to get HTML into one of these fields is to dynamically load it into the TextField through the htmlText property.  Is this right?  And if so, what exactly is the purpose of having a "Render text as HTML" button in the first place?  Couldn't I just load the HTML into the TextField through the htmlText property anyways?


      Well, at any rate, I was really hoping to use as much of the flash interface for the project I'm working on, such that anyone who didn't know AS3 could easily update it themselves.  Now it's looking like not only will they have to know AS3 and HTML, but also have to deal with the hassle of formatting what will potentially be a complex system of images, textfields, and videos all in AS3 with no visual interface.


      Is it too much to ask to be able to just highlight some text and make it bold or italic?  That's really all I need, sadly.


      Well, thanks in advance for any help you may provide.  I certainly appreciate it.