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    CS3-mpeg2-dvd export files

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      Hi, and thanks for your help on this..


      I just exported from media encoder , cs3, a 90 sec clip of graphics and sound from a project that is set up for avi type 2 dv ntsc 720x480i, lower field first to mpeg2 dvd high quality, dolby... I changed the dolby to pcm and went from quality 4 to 5, and left the bitrate defaults..


      It generated 4 files....with these extensions:






      When I double click the m2v file media classic opens the file and plays it, and it looks great and the sound is good.


      When I drop the m2v file into gspot it says it is a video file ( no audio ).


      I'm going to burn a DVD eventually and am new at this ....so I am not really used to the file types that DVD authoring programs require for the BEST dvd quality....and am wondering....how are those files linked ( wav and m2v ) ...through which other file generated, and is it normal to expect a DVD authoring program to recognize the video and sound files ( apparently demuxed during export ? ).  Thanks !



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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ultimately it is all about bitrate, and that will depend on how much you put on the disk.  When I don't know how much the menus will take up, I like to let encore decide the bitrates.  If I don't have much, I use a fairly high rate CBR and may export from ame or just send to Encore and set the bitrate there.


          Since I don't have the dolby encoder in Premiere, if I don't go to Encore with an avi, I do as you did: demuxed export, so I have an m2v and a wav.  the xmpses handles things like chapter information.  In most cases, you won't see a difference without those files, but if all is working right, keep them.


          In Encore, if you "import as timeline" it will bring in both the m2v and the wav.  some programs may require you to bring them in separately and link.


          Note that if you do a test disk with a very small file, you may need to pad the disk with rom content to get a disk that will test correctly.

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            Wow ! Stan !  This is sooo cool !


            I just made a DVD from those files, using the wav and m2v....and it looks

            BETTER than it did on the computer monitor maybe...I have to compare now...I

            just did it this minute...

            It looks GREAT !  haha...I'm soooo happy !


            Thanks so much for your reply ....you are exactly right.. the authoring

            program recognized the m2v and wav and it just look wonderful...

            You have no idea how relieved and happy I am right now !


            haha...how cool IS THIS !


            : )


            Thanks !    When I get online you will get the giant gold star...


            Whew, what a relief this is...


            Oh oh....I just remembered...I'm looking at this on my computer....gotta

            check it out on the DVD player now with a normal TV ( old tv )....

            ohhhhh, now I'm not so happy anymore...back to shaking like a leaf.....be

            right back !



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              Stan, thanks!


              Thank God, the thing is acceptable on a normal TV.


              The next one I do will have the chapters and scenes and stuff, so I'll find out more about those other file exports...the xmpses ? ...


              My map graphic that I pan /zoom on is maxed out at 4000px for CS3, and I guess that's why I see the edges of the countries getting sawtoothed....not great...but like I said, acceptable...it gets way better as I Zoom in.....and the rest is just great....no problems with text and so on...


              The sound is a bit loud though...I wonder if I should tell my brother who is giving me the sound stuff to keep to a certain db level for DVD authoring...it's no big deal, but it's kinda loud right now...


              What a relief.  I think I have at least half a chance now to make a decent edit for this friend of mine for his safari trip..


              Bill Hunt has a grid he made for 4:3 and THAT worked perfect !....   I'm right where I thought I would be within TV safety...


              If I play this now with a DTV (which I don't have) I bet that sawtooth stuff won't be so bad.....


              All in all this has been a great day just from this success....   thanks a lot for your quick response, and I will keep all the files exported from the mpeg2 dvd setting to fine tune this later on ....as I get further along with the project.


              : )





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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                You ended up with elemental/elementary streams, i.e. one Video-only and one Audio-only file, plus the files that would be used to mux (Multiplex) them, had you chosen to do so.


                Since you are on CS3, you have Encore CS3. You will just Import the m2v as a Timeline and the WAV (not sure why you did not end up with an AC3, since you chose DD?), as an Asset. Drag the WAV to the appropriate Timeline, where it will snap into place.


                The playback is probably due to having the "muxing" instruction files in the same folder.


                Stanley is 100% correct in the bit-rate being the determinate of the quality. One sets this through "bit-budgeting," to get the highest quality, that will fit onto the disc.


                Encore has a very good feature, Automatic Transcoding. I Export as DV-AVI Video-only, and AC3 DD 5.1 SS Audio-only, through the SurCode plug-in. For most Projects, I let Encore do the Transcoding settings that it wants. Seldom do I need to step in and go back to Exporting as MPEG-2. The quality is most often very good to perfect.


                Hope that this helps,



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                  Hi Bill,


                  Thanks...  I do have the formula for the bitrate stuff...mostly the authoring program provided that info, re: still images, slide shows, subtitles, and so on...how the max bitrate needs to be spread out over the entire content, plus fit on the DVD.....and that this is not always an exact science...


                  But I feel OK with what I need to do, which is a 1.5 hour video from 4 hours of tape... From this test I think it's fair to think I can give this guy a decent quality on a normal TV  ( thank God ) and better quality on a DTV.  I'm feeling pretty good about this test...and now I need to find out if my mousey computer will handle the edit....  I really can't afford to buy stuff to do this job.


                  The guy that recommended me ( hooked us up ) thought maybe the client could pay for the upgrade in lieu of payment for the edit, but I approached this from a learning standpoint to begin with, and don't feel good about asking anyone for $$ for some hard drives and ram and all that....


                  I mean, after all, you have to have the wherewithall to do a job , and that's the cost of doing business, not something you expect to pass on to some future client .....   I'm a little worried about the hardware thing, but first I'm worried about the software thing...and this test just made me feel so much better , you have no idea....


                  : )


                  Thanks for all your help !




                  ps    your grid worked out great !  The text alignment for 4:3 is perfect !

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                    your grid worked out great !  The text alignment for 4:3 is perfect !


                    Great news! Only had one complaint so far. One user complained that the grid was in the Export, though I had bolded Remove the Grid prior to Export. Some people just disregard Bold type. Oh well... maybe I should have done that in bright red, and 18 pt, Bold Black text?



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                      That's like having to say, " When eating bulloubaise don't eat the



                      mmm, I'm getting hungry now.

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                        Or a warning that come with oysters on the half-shells - Do Not Eat The Oyster Shells. Now, there are branches of the US government, that would think that this was necessary...