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    file path problems between mac and PC

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      I'm having some issues with file paths, done a lot of searching online, here and on creative cow and no answers to be found (same question asked a few times though).


      I'm working on projects on a MAC and then collecting files (project only) to a watch folder on a PC for rendering.

      Most of the really big files (.R3D) are located locally on the PC but a few files are on a server.

      I can work on them fine on my Mac but when the project comes across to the PC it can find the files located on one of its drives (the same drive as the project source folder) but loses the filepath to the server and to the other internal drive as well.

      I have to open the project on the PC and repoint to the missing footage and then save which is a real pain in the #@$% and kind of defeats the purpose of the distributed rendering.

      how can I set absolute paths for the PCs from my MAC ????



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You simply can't. Network path resolution is completely different between both operating systems which relates to how the generally mount external resources within their normal file tree (Mac) vs. as independent virtual devices (PC). Nothing you can change or influence. You could use specific Mac emulation software on the PC end, though, and exclusively run the server in Mac mode. The emulation would then take care to remap file paths in a Mac-friendly way which would take care of your issue, presumably.



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            jeffbottom Level 1

            hi Mylenium


            thanks for the answer, what a downer though, so much for my drop and forget render farm....



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              Hey, sorry Mylenium, but this statement is not true. I was almost convinced to give up after reading this, but I managed to make a working conversion tool shortly after.


              This is the method in After Effects, I am pretty sure that it can work in the rest of the adobe suite as well.

              All you need to do to get the paths to update to windows format is to:


              1. Select "Save as xml" and save an .aepx.

              2. Open the .aepx in text edit.

              3. Perform a find for "/Volumes" and replace with "//<MountPointOnThePC>" (for example I have the drive as a network drive on the pc so I swap the <MountPointOnThePC> to the name of my mac as that is the path on the pc machine)

              4. Perform another find for "MacPOSIX" and replace with "Win"

              5. Save your file and you will be able to open in on a pc with all the files online.


              Disclaimer, I built this to work on my set up using a mac server and a pc render farm for after effects. Please back up your projects before opening them and editing them.


              Hope this helps anyone else trying to do the same.