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    Cineform Video Codecs not being recognized in Premiere pro CS4



      I went from using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 editing a film in 24p  720x480 videos. Than we wanted to up-res the videos to make it high def. So we went with Cineform Prospect 2k and made all the videos into 1920x1080P videos. And we put it all back together in premiere pro cs3. Than for some dumb reason, i upgraded from CS3 to CS4. I sadly regret it.

      Anyways, now whenever I try to open the project, everythng opens fine (sound, pictures, etc.) except the videos. It shows the message of the videos being offline. Than i try to replace the files with the videos, and it gives me the message "Dimensions (width/height) too large".

      So now i can't even finsh what i have started, although i have a deadline. I've tried many things, but no luck. Maybe someone can give me some advice that will benefit me.

      Also, i am running Windows 7.


      Thanks in advance for anyones input.

      -Andrew J.