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    Gradient Annotator Won't Appear


      Hi everybody,


      For about the last 45 minutes, I've been going insane because everywhere I look, it says you can view the Gradient Annotator by simply going to View -> Show/Hide Gradient Annotator.  However, neither option seems to be working.  For example, I quit Illustrator, restarted it, drew a simple circle, made it live paint, filled it with a regular gradient, but no Annotator showed up.  I made sure the Show Gradient Annotator option was set in View.  I then turned it off and back on to see if the Annotator would show up then, still with no luck.  Seems like a big bug to me.


      I remember it being there in the past, but now it simply never shows up, no matter what I do.  Any suggestions?  Thanks a ton in advance.