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    Looks like the Webmaster caved...

    MergeThis Level 4
      The all-new Forums page introductory paragraph reads:

      "The Adobe User to User Forums have been updated to provide one common login across the Adobe.com website. Users of the Forums should now log in..."

      In other words, they've snatched victory from the jaws of defeat! But hey, I'm not complaining...at least we can go on as before, without the 5-10 minute waits for everything.

      To the Adobe Support Team: Please leave the forums alone!

      Instead, why don't you work on figuring out why RH, Acrobat, and RoboPDF can't work together? This forum (as well as the Acrobat and Framemaker forums) is littered with complaints about error messages for incorrect or missing licenses, versions, files, etc.

      And, yes, I'm sending this directly to Adobe with the convenient Send Feedback link at the bottom (if it still works :-) ).

      Good luck,