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    I want to buy AE, but...

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      I was all set to buy AE as a download. Got as far as the checkout and then got a message saying that my email address was associated with an Australian account, (which it is). I was told to go to the Australian Store to download AE. So far, so good.


      When I go to the Australian Store, the first thing that hits me in the eye is that the cost of AE is about $600 Australian dollars dearer than it would be if I downloaded it from the US!!


      I had already done a currency conversion, and US$999 equates to about AUS$1100, roughly. I was okay with that price, but to buy the program I'm apparently forced to get it through the Australian agent here, and they want to charge me the extra $600!!!!!!


      Anyone know if this is normal or even necessary?


      I won't go the extra $600 Australian! It's enough of a stretch to pay $1100!!! It's taken me a long time to get comfortable with shelling out even that much! And I mean, surely US$999 is better for Adobe than US$zero.


      (sorry for raving...)





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, this is normal. Regional taxes, customs fees and all that, as distribution is handled through subsidiary companies of big red A. Officailly nobody can do anything for you, but you might wanna chat with a local reseller. Many offer good deals with discounts or extras thrown in and all that. Of course you can always order physical shipment from Amazon US etc., too, or let a buddy of yours who lives in the states handle the details....



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            Kurt_777 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Mylenium. Makes sense.


            I had thought of buying through Amazon, but got spooked when I read that even Amazon can have dodgy re-sellers who sell pirated copies.


            But thanks for the info, anyway. I might visit one of the local resellers on Monday and try my luck. Better spend the weekend practising my blarney!   

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              If it is just bacause of your email address, couldn't you just set up a gmail or other free email that is not based there?  Or does it go by where your IP is located?


              I certainly wouldn't buy it for the extra.  It might be cheaper to fly somewhere else and purchase it there . . . well probably not I guess.

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                Kurt_777 Level 1

                I thought of doing something like that, Jaldred, but when you create an account, you have to put in a street address and suburb and obviously it has to be a real address in the US. I would have to know a valid American house address. And it would have to be verifiable as my own address, which, of course, would be impossible.


                Also, if I went to pay for the software using my card, my card number would naturally link to an Australian address and then there would be more problems.


                So, I'm stuck. Just waiting till Monday to go visit one of the local resellers and see if they'll do some kind of deal.


                I guess I'll never understand why the Adobe company always has to be so darn hard to deal with...

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                  jaldred1 Level 1

                  Oh yeah.  I hadn't thought about that.  That sucks, sorry.  Too bad you don't know someone here.

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                    Kurt_777 Level 1

                    Yeah, but I'm sure they'd be breaking some law or other if they bought it and posted it to me.


                    Oh well, can't be helped.


                    Catch you later.

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                      Kurt_777 Level 1

                      Sorry, man. I found the answer to the other question I wanted to ask.

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                        Kurt_777 Level 1

                        Well, seems the best my local resellers can do is $1500. Still much too much.


                        Only avenue left to me is to go to eBay. There's a guy there selling Adobe Video Collection 2.5 Pro, which contains After Effects 6.5 Professional. He says it has a valid serial number.


                        Now, I know about the hazards of buying software from eBay, but to me it seems like I have little choice unless I want to assault my bank account. I just have one question to ask before I go that route, and it's this - with After Effects version 6.5 Pro, did you need to activate it before it would work? Somebody told me that that version didn't require activation, that it only had a serial number which enabled you to actually install it on your computer. Once it was installed, you could choose to either register it with Adobe or not. Registration or the lack of it didn't affect the functioning of the program, apparently.


                        Is that correct?


                        I went to the Adobe on-line Help chat, and the guy told me that the eBay item may well register the first time, but after that it might not. What does that mean? Did he mean that the program would only open the first time, but never afterwards? Or did he mean that if I had to reinstal it and re-register it, Adobe wouldn't accept it?


                        Also, if I don't activate the mpeg2 encoder in AE, will the program still work and can I still use AE to export video using a different encoder?



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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          Be careful about terminology. Registration and activation aren't the same thing. They have almost nothing to do with each other. Activation is when you use a serial number or similar method to make the software work; it's how you work with the licensing system. Registration is when you contact Adobe and associate your software with your personal information; it's how you do things like call for technical support.

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                            Kurt_777 Level 1

                            Yes I know that, Todd.


                            As I understand it, Version 6.5 of After Effects didn't require activation as a program, but apparently an mpeg codec within the program did require activation. If this is the case, what I needed to know was this  -  if this program that I'm thinking of buying has been used, presumably the codec would have been activated. And if I buy it and go to activate it for my new installation, would that be in breach of licencing laws?



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                              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                              You can only get answers to questions like this by contacting Adobe Customer Service.



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                                Kurt_777 Level 1

                                Okay, thanks, Todd.


                                Edit: The heck with it! Too much bother and too much risk. Easier and cheaper to go rob a bank and pay for AE that way! (kidding).