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    Retain Upload File Format to Documentum

    ANURD Level 1

      I am able to upload files to documentum server but have an issue with the uploaded file format. If the uploaded file format is .doc or .docx then it uploads as interleaf 3.x, 4.x as file format in the documentum server. I have tried setting the Document Content Type to doc but it still displays interleaf file format in documentum server.


      What other settings are required to upload a file to documentum to retain its original file format?

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          This sounds more like a configuration issue in Documentum than LiveCycle.  Have your Documentum administrator check the Formats section in DA and ensure that the default format is configured for Microsoft Word for doc and docx.  Interleaf appears to be a specialty software set in the publishing space from my quick Google searches.


          What version of Documentum are you using?  I also assume you are performing this operation using the EMC Documentum connector from Adobe?

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            ANURD Level 1

            Thanks for responding.


            The doc file when uploaded manually to documentum gets uploaded as Microsoft Word format. Its only when it is uploaded from LiveCycle process then it is uploaded as some unkown format and it does not display Word icon beside the file name. If i download the livecycle uplaoded file it gives an extension of .1 or .2. But i can open it in Word.

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              Hi Anurd,


              As you said in your first post that you have tried storing document in Documentum with Document content type as "doc". Please try storing doucument with Document content type as "msw8", because in documentum this content type is associated with MS word. I hope this will work for you.