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    Drag & Drop in realistic style?

      is is it possible to caputre this way, that the drag&drop is dann in a real way holding the left mouse button and dropping it in the target area?
      What I only found were the Full-motion-modus, which is like an avi, and the alternative to click on the source hotspot and on the target hotspot with the result, that the next picture shows the result - so, no possibility to hold the mouse...

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          CatBandit Level 3
          If you are mediocre or better with Flash, there is a way to do it. Go to Paul Dewhurst's website (www.raisingaimee.com) and get his FLA file for drag and drop. Then open it in Flash, and change the "object" being dragged to an image of what you wish to show as the dragged object.

          If you have no Flash knowledge, perhaps you know someone who can help you with the FLA - or you might ask Paul if he will help on a "contract" basis?

          Good luck.