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    progressive video presentation of flv via https


      This must be the best kept secret on the web.  I have been attempting to intiate a flash flv progressive presentation of video via dreamweaver cs4 (and cs2 I just upgraded) and still continue to get unsecure content errors in IE.  All the files are local and within the ssl certf layer of the website.  I do not understand this problem as if there are no cross domain calls there should not be errors generated via the https protocol.  I have proxied the io streams from client to the server and there are no http calls being made nor are there any data elements that are outside the ssl umbrella.  Either I am missing something or am just not as bright as I should be.


      I have seached both the ie side and the adobe side of this issue and cannot find anything except moving to media servers, which is not a solution at 4500 plus upgrade fees and dedicated server costs.


      I would appreciate it if someone would clarify what the issue is with progressive download delivery under https (at this point I don't care about the performance hit for the ssl layer).



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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can I ask a dumb question?    Why are you delivering this video from a secure server?  HTTPS is notoriously slow and encrypted for secure credit card transactions and collecting private information.  I could be missing something obvious here (I often do).  But offhand, I just can't see why you would ever need or want to deliver Flash video from an HTTPS server. 




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            The site was existing.  Until I got into this issue I did not realize the problems with mixed media.  I am also addressing this issue with Microsoft.  The overhead on small sites is limited depending on your bandwith and how large the file is, the beauty of progressive downloading is that the video stream usually exceeds the player rate depending on the framerate the video is compiled in and occurs in the background.  As you probably know the initial cacheing of the video does take a performance hit under https delivery however if the page is small and you are delivering limited videos on the page it makes better sense than investing thousands of dollars for a media server and the hardware to support it.  The other most obvious benefit is that unless you hijack the https request via proxy or you capture the cache stack for the video the stream is encoded.  It is just a cheaper alternative to web streaming which has its own problems (much the same as progressive except for the swf packet).


            To make a long story short I didn't know much in the beginning and have spent 800 bucks and alot of time to rectify what should not be an issue as long as all of the resources are under the ssl umbrella.  Which was one of the reasons that https was developed under the ssl handshake in that secure transmittion of data could occure over the web protocols.  Back when an ssl certifcate cost a bunch it was used primarily for secure shopping cart transactions and non encrypted data capture technology was not everywhere.  I digress...  it has been a long day and I appreciate your post.