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    Need help with coding on Template

    rjfoster03 Level 1

      I am relatively new to Dreamweaver,as well as to using Templates.....


      I have downloaded a Template from DreamTemplates.com (template 0055) and need some help with regards to the formatting of the template.


      I have removed the text below and including the Finance Solutions area (area shaded in red) and have added my own text into the field.  The new text is lower down the page when I do this - the cursor where the text is to be placed is in the middle (vertical height wise) and I really want it to be at the top so that any added text will be at the top of the "block" - up where the Finance Soultions is located..


      Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to alter the coding to do this?  I was not sure if I should post the coding here or not.


      Thanks for any help that you can provide.


      0055 marked.jpg