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    Can I install CS3 on a machine that already has CS4 on it?


      I use DW daily for my job but on my machine, DW CS4 Web Premium installation has MANY keyboard short cut issues that make navigating Code view a nightmare and drive me absolutely nuts.  When I open a file, any file, I cannot use CTRL-Home or CTRL-End or any other keyboard shortcuts to navigate the file because it just selects the text just after any Javascript code until I delete something and then undo it -- then all works normally.  I have installed, reuinstalled and even reimaged in a different OS, all to no avail.  I can't even get Adobe to acknowledge the issue so I would just like to install my older CS3 Web Premium version on my machine instead which has always run perfectly.  Unfortunately, I need to leave CS4 on my box (work requirement) but I won't use it unless some compatibility issue arises and I have to -- otherwise I will happily use CS3.  Is there anything I should be aware of before I proceed or any problems I could cause by installing the older version after the newer one like this?  Thanks in advance!