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    Need Help making input field


      I've played with flash a bit and made a few sites but never with input fields....How would i go about make a input field suchs as: name: (type name here) Job Needed: (blah blah typed in here) and a couple input fields like that......and then when they hit the <submit> button it will send a email to a specified email account........a good tutorial will work...i hope this is in the right place....i'm using as2 for this site......thanks in advance

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          EricFight Level 1

          ok.thanks for the tut man...i followed it and everything went wel untill i tested it.....


          here's the site




          go to the wholesale button....... when i hit submit nothing happens.....  ?? do you need code? i'm not sure what i did wrong..

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            Harry Kunz Level 4

            That's because your site isn't a php webpage which the link was using. You cannot send an automatic email through html. If your host has no php support then you will need to do it the same way it was done for the "Contact" section.

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              EricFight Level 1

              OK..I'm a little confused.  How do i make my site a PHP site then? Aren't all sites HTML then. You mean i would have to just have a link the brought up your email like on my conact section. How do i go about making the tutorial work then. Does it have to do with my host or what? What do i need to do to make it work like i want it?

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                Harry Kunz Level 4

                A website can contain different types of pages depending on what your host supports. It can be HTML, PHP (open source), ASP, ASP.NET (Microsoft Technology) and can contain additional external CSS, JS, XML, XSLT files and even more. HTML (with/without JavaScript) is client side script, PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET are all server side scripts. You can learn everything about Web scripting in www.w3schools.com. That's the website of W3C, an international web standards organization. It's really amazing.


                I found a way better tutorial over the kirupa. It's by sephiroth http://www.sephiroth.it/tutorials/flashPHP/email/. It gives you a step by step tutorial from starting to test whether your hosting service has PHP and allows email support. PHP is just like an HTML file except you can add server side scripting and the server returns the processed output as HTML to the client's browser. Start by creating a text file and placing this code:


                mail("yourname@yourdomain","YourSubject","Your Message Here");



                Then rename your ".txt" file to a ".php" file. Upload it to your server and run it directly in the browser. If the link redirects you back to your host's website then you don't have PHP support, you will then need to upgrade your hosting plan or do it (yes) like the way you did it in the contact section where the link brings up your email application. Assuming you have support but do not receive any emails after it's execution, your host might not have allowed email.