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    one file or multiple

    Alex Hammerstein Level 1



      Firstly I have only been using this software for four days now, think its great fun, and that the response from the questions i have posted have been brilliant - thanks very much from this newby!



      I have created a software demonstration that is about 100 slides long and about 12 Mb.  It covers 6 separate areas, and i cannot decide if it would be better to use a single swf file  (with a TOC) - my concern is that it will take ages to load especially on slow connection,

      or whether to divide it up into the 6 areas, and have a menu swf with the six options on it so that users can decide which they want to view.


      If I go for the latter, is there anyway to retain the menu swf open so that the options are always available?


      Hope that makes sense





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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Alex


          Certainly the six separate lessons would load much more quickly. You could accomplish this using the Aggregator tool that is installed with Captivate. To create an Aggregator project, click File > New > Aggregator Project...


          Note that all your sub projects should be configured identically as far as the ActionScript version you are using (AS2 or AS3). You set that in Edit > Preferences > Project > Publish Settings.


          As a final word, 100 slides is into what I call the danger zone for Captivate. We usually recommend that folks limit projects to 50-65 slides as a very broad and general rule-of-thumb guideline.


          Cheers... Rick


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            Alex Hammerstein Level 1

            Thanks, and once again a very good tip re limit on slides.



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              brightonjon-P8miI4 Level 1

              So long as you can get the links to open the other projects working correctly, I'd agree that it's better to split.


              Search the forum for info about issues around linking to other projects, especially if you publish to CD or a shared local drive.


              If you're publishing to the web or an LMS my experience is that it's much more robust to handle the table of contents through html than from a Captivate project.


              However, if it works for you, click the dropdown arrow that appears when you select Open Other Project as an action on success.


              That will give you options for opening in the same browser window or a new one, and let you pause the project with the menu so it stays available.


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