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    contact form


      i am using a temple that i got off the Internet and it came with a contact form and i need to know how to get the form to work can anyone help and tell me what i need to do


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          normally the procedure will be described in a "readme.txt" or "info.txt" file or similar, or in special *. php or *.html files (like "...template.html", "formular.php" and so on). It depends from the the authors philosophy.


          It makes sense to go through the different files in code mode and then adapt them for your own purposes. For example to enter your email address, etc.



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            Contact forms require a server side script to process them. The first thing you need to do is determine which server side language your hosting package supports. Check with your host, they may have a script available. You may need to modify the script or the form so that they work together. You could also use an application like formstogo which will generate the scripts for you.

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              Robert Heist II Level 3

              Can you post a link to your site, or to the source from which you got the template?  That would help

              us know a bit more and answer your question better.


              Also, if you check the form page, what is the action attribute of the form tag set to?  That will tell you what server-side script the form submits its data to.  Once you know the server-side scripts name you can look for a readme or info file in the same directory.  The extension on the script file ( something like .php or .cgi or .asp) will tell you what server-side language your script is written in, and hopefully your server supports it.  So, first check the action, and let us know what the script file is...or like I said earlier, post a link to it.  *smile*