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    Setting text to overflow into another text component in flex

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      This was pretty easy when I've done it in html but I can't find any info on how to incorporate this into flex. I want to get this sort of thing into my app where once the text reaches the bottom it wraps underneath the bottom of the left hand image the way it does in the top product here in this html site:-




      I've tried to emulate this and I have a top left container containing all my images which is within a hbox and also within this hbox on the right is my text. The text box has it's height and width set to 100 so it takes up 100% of the h box height wise and the remainder of the width left over from the product image which resizes based on what product is selected. The  maxHeight of the h box is set to 400 (my images only go up to this size) but what I want is when the textbox exceeds this it will 'overflow' into another text box below the image/text like in that example. I have no clue how to implement this though.


      Can anyone help me out?