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    Basic basic script questions


      I have downloaded Acrobat Pro 9 free trial. I'm having problems getting it to work before purchase.

      1) I'm only able to use LiveCycle to build a form from scratch. Is this normal?

      2) I'm trying to run a script to test which item is selected from a drop-down list, then populate other textboxes with data. I have put the Javascript code into the script editor window but when I run the form and select an item in the drop-down nothing happens. I doesn't appear I'm executing the code. I've tried placing the code after the change event in the editor and also testing the change event (if (object.change)) with no result. I'm sure I'm missing something simple here but...

      3) I've tried to enter the script without going into LiveCycle using advanced editting tool bar but most of the tool bar is greyed out. Double clicking on the drop-down box doesn't being up any pallets allowing me to enter a script.


      Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!