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    Can I prevent Presenter from switching from Jack Mic to Digital Mic?


      I am using The following:

      • Abobe Presenter 7 with patches 701, 702 & 705
      • PowerPoint 2007
      • Dell Lattitude E6400
      • Windows XP Professional
      • Shure microphone with a Shure MX1BP preamplifier
      • IDT Audio driver that came with the laptop

        I have already updated the IDT audio driver from Dell's site to, A06 dated 3/10/2009. This eliminated an intermitent background noise using the "Jack Mic" selection.


      Each time I record audio using an external mic, Presenter automatically switches the recording source from Jack Mic to Digital Mic. This results in unwanted background noise.


      My work around is to open the Recording Control window (select control panel, sounds and devices, voice tab, volume button in the voice recording area), select record in Presenter and then manually switch back to Jack Mic while recording. This gives me acceptable audio without any background noise but is an extra step when I select the record button for each page. It also forces me to edit the sound on each page in order to delete the audio recorded in Digital Mic prior to selecting Jack Mic.


      I have also tried:

      1) using line in - results in no audio

      2) recording directly in PowerPoint - results in background noise

      3) disabling or uninstalling the IDT - results in no audio


      Any solutions or any ideas on what I could try next?